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Click on a model that looks the closest to you.  Every photo you see going forward will be of this model.  Its hard to see how a dress will look on you when the model on the website has a completely different body shape than you.  Our approach is to use models of all different shapes and sizes so that when you see the dress looking good on her, you know it will look good on you. (select another model)


34 - 26 - 36
5ft 4in
My problems tend to be in the waist and thigh. The waist will fit, the thigh will not! Also, the lack of availability of clothing styles that fit an athletic frame and flatter it. The styles tend to be too junior or too old lady! my wardrobe now consists of only dresses or gym clothes because gym clothes are tighter more conforming to the body, dresses are free flowing and I can breath in them!

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